Outfits from left to right:

Fashionista (black), Diva (reddish-hot pink), Miss Amour (pink ruffles), Powder Puff (blue), and Legendary (red) from

The Prince and the Pop Star

A Promise Pulls Them Apart...

A Rogue Prince on the Frontlines—

Honor-bound to keep away from his best friend’s sister

A Sexy Pop Star Visiting the Troops—

Loses her heart to the royal officer who claims they’re “just friends”

But a Second Chance at Love Brings Them Together…

When Prince Logan’s sister wrangles his appearance in a music video for a military charity, the sparks fly between him and the international singing sensation, Eden Knight—the only woman he wants as his wife. 

But this alpha male must stand down from making her his—a promise to her brother cannot be undone. 

Yet as the video scenes heat up between them, can Prince Logan still honor his vow and have the woman he loves? 

The Prince and the Pop Star is the third standalone installment in the True Royalty series, with all the glamour, the gowns, and the gossip of wealthy aristocrats and royal families living in modern-day Europe, not as we know it, but as it might have been…


Available now: The next installment in the True Royalty series introduces a new royal family, the Thortons of Summerland. The Thortons are long-time friends and allies of the Diamond family in Maravista.

Here is a preview of Crown Prince Adam's story:

Sometimes love gives you a second chance…

Crown Prince Adam Thorton in Europe must claim his kingdom’s throne—and a princess. Yet there’s only one woman he desires, even though two years ago she left him and broke his heart.

Now Emma Hart may own one of the most successful fashion empires in the world, but it's time he proves to her that what she needs most is him.

…and one way or another, Emma will be his.

Leaving Adam behind for New York was one of the hardest things Emma has ever had to do. The electricity between them keeps pulling her back to him, yet she must consider her family before her heart. 

But when Adam won’t take no for an answer, how can Emma choose between the man she loves and the family ties that bind her?

*Standalone title. No cliffhanger. Part of the True Royalty series, but the story can be read apart from Almost My Prince.

**For those who love Almost My Prince, Sass' Engagement Story will continue in My Forbidden Prince. More details to come, after the release ofThe Prince and the Pop Star


Curious about Almost My Prince? Check out Miranda's blog interview about what inspired her to write the True Royalty series:



As Granny says, "For the love of dolls..."--and in this case Integrity Toy's Fashion Royalty dolls:


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