For the Love of Dolls

The way I picture Eden's hair from The Prince and the Pop Star before she changes it back to her natural red color. The doll is from Integrity's MLP collection: Shutterfly.

Miniature Valkyrie motorcyle and the Full Speed Erin outfit (by Integrity) talked about in The Prince and the Pop Star.

From more pictures:

So many talented photographers post pictures of their Fashion Royalty (Integrity Toys) collections on You can type in any Integrity doll's name and find beautiful, professional-quality photos.

Many of you have asked what Midnight Star Elise from The Prince and I looks like, especially since she is designed by Jason Wu and wears one of his runway couture gowns.

For now, I'll refer you to the popular Integrity Toys' blogger and renown photographer Rebecca Berry from Inside the Fashion Doll Studio. She attended the convention where Midnight Star Elise debuted. Elise is the last doll featured on the bottom of the page:

For more collectors' pictures of Elise, you can also do a Flickr search:

I've also featured some other Integrity Toys doll pictures here, with friends' permissions.


         Shake It Up Korrine         Cold Shoulder Eugenia

        (Courtesy of Rich B.)        (From my collection)

Poesie Enchantee Agnes (Rich B.'s collection)

Modern Comeback Veronique (left, Rich B.'s collection)


Two Homme Dolls (OOAK, from Val C.'s collection)

"At the Lake House" (Compliments of Val C.)

"Diner" (Compliments of Val C.)

By the way, this picture is just a peak at Val C.'s collection. She could open up a museum and you'd spend days looking at everything!


First Book in the

True Royalty Series



 True Royalty Vanessa

 (Courtesy of Rich B.)


One of a Kind

(Rich B's Collection)